Principle of oil bath air filter

The filter is cylindrical, and the cylinder is divided into three parts: the outer cylinder, the inner cylinder, and the air outlet pipe. The upper part of the inner part is a swirling plate (or guide vane) and a filter screen, and the lower part is connected to the outer cylinder, and the bottom of the cylinder is filled with compressor oil (waste oil).

  The air is sucked into the outer cylinder from the tangential direction and rotates at high speed. The dust particles in the airflow are separated by centrifugal force. Then the air flow traverses the oil surface, and the oil level fluctuates. Part of the oil mist is entrained and rotated by the air flow and adheres to the inner cylinder wall to form an oil film. The dust particles in the air flow are captured by the oil film. The oil film flows back along the wall and becomes a drooping oil curtain. When the air passes through the oil bath, some dust particles are captured. The airflow rotates and rises in the inner cylinder, passes through the swirling plate and then intensifies the rotation, throwing a part of the oil droplets entrained in the airflow into the oil return groove and flowing into the bottom of the cylinder from the oil return pipe, and a part of it flows back along the inner cylinder wall to coat the oil film on the cylinder wall. The collected dust is washed down to the bottom of the cylinder, producing a new oil film. The airflow passes through the filter screen again to filter out smaller dust particles and oil droplets to achieve the purpose of filtering the air.

   Intake port noise is mainly the mechanical noise generated when the air compressor is running and is transmitted to the intake port through pipes and gas and airflow noise, which affects the surrounding environment. As the combined air muffler filter adopts tangential air intake, the airflow is damped and divided by the oil film, oil bath and filter screen, and it has been expanded many times, and there is a muffler cap on the top, all of which are excellent Muffling effect, thereby greatly reducing the noise of the suction port.