Model composition




Scope of application

Screw air compressor online system cleaning fluid



Synthetic cleaning oil, environmentally friendly product, powerful cleaning function and lubrication. Anti-rust performance, flame retardant, safe storage and use, non-corrosive to metals, compatible with sealing materials, non-destructive effect on running oil, easy to operate ,On-line cleaning at boot

Add 5-10% of the operating oil to the air compressor for 20-30 minutes on-line cleaning to solve the problem of high temperature and deadhead glue of the air compressor. It can also be used for routine cleaning and cleaning of the oil circuit before oil change to improve the heat dissipation conditions of the unit. , So that the lubricating oil maintains the best lubrication and cooling performance and prolongs its service life, reducing the operating temperature of the unit. Realize the energy saving of the air compressor and extend the life of the unit.

Screw oil enhanced protective agent



The oil quality enhancer enhances the comprehensive performance of the oil in use and prolongs the oil change interval; improves the antioxidant capacity and slows down the oxidation and acidification of the oil under high temperature and heavy load. Enhance the cleaning and dispersion function of oil, clean the colloid and carbon deposits in the oil circuit; keep the oil circuit unobstructed, reduce the operating temperature of the unit, and ensure the normal operation of the unit; enhance oiliness, strengthen lubrication, reduce friction, prevent rust and corrosion.

It is used for the maintenance of screw air compressors, especially suitable for the performance enhancement of mineral oil-based and synthetic hydrocarbon screw air compressor oils, improving oil oxidation resistance, dissolving carbon deposits and cleaning and dispersing functions,

Carbon deposit heavy oil cleaning agent



High safety, good economy, strong detergency, strong ability to dissolve carbon deposits than most organic solvents, can fully replace gasoline, diesel, thinner, strong acid, strong alkali cleaning products; easy to use, can be diluted and soaked, It has the ability of strong penetration and stripping of carbon and heavy oil; it can completely remove the carbon and dirt on the surface and internal parts of various complex passages without damaging the precision of the ring parts; the corrosion is very slight, and it has corrosion inhibition and rust prevention after cleaning. Features.

It is used to clean the inside and outside of the radiator of the air compressor and soak and clean various metal parts. Effectively remove carbon and oil on the surface and inside of parts.

Powerful scale cleaning agent



The cleaning is fast, and all the dirt in the circulating water system can be removed after running for several hours with cooling water; water-based products are safe to use and have no corrosive effect on metals; after cleaning, they have a good rust prevention function.

It is applied to the cleaning of water circulation systems such as water-cooled air compressors, refrigerators, air conditioners, generators, etc.; it improves the heat exchange efficiency of the machine and saves energy.

Cooling water corrosion inhibitor



This product is composed of high-performance organic matter, which has a good chelating and dispersing effect on calcium carbonate and calcium phosphate in water, and has a good anti-corrosion effect on carbon steel, copper, aluminum and other metals.

It is mainly used for scale removal and corrosion inhibition of open circulating cooling water systems, circulating cooling water systems of power plants and chemical plants, water-cooled air compressors, and central air conditioning equipment; it has strong scale removal and good corrosion inhibition effects.

Environmentally friendly cleaning spray



Environmentally friendly products, biodegradable, non-polluting, non-corrosive; product safety, non-toxic and harmless; high cleaning efficiency, fast volatilization, can effectively clean the surface of the radiator and the surface of the machine oil; no metal ions, can eliminate static electricity hazards.

It is used to clean the surface of the machine, remove oil stains, anti-static, reduce the risk of machine fire, environmentally friendly cleaning products, and can also be used for maintenance personnel to wash hands.