The difference between micro vacuum pump and gas sampling pump

Usually we call small-volume pumps that can generate negative pressure as micro-vacuum pumps, but we must strictly distinguish them when selecting products.

Mini vacuum pumps in the true sense (such as VM series, VAA series, PK series, PC series, VCA series, VCC series, VCH series, PH series, FM series, FAA series, PCF series, etc.) can pump airtight containers for a long time. Vacuum pumps can drive larger loads. The gas sampling pump (such as PM series, SA series, SB series) has a small pressure difference between the inside and outside of the pump cavity when working, so the load it carries is very small. It is because of the different requirements on the carrying capacity that the parts selected for the micro vacuum pump and the gas sampling pump are very different.

Miniature vacuum pumps have high requirements on diaphragms and motors. For these two main parts, the fatigue strength, reliability, life and other technical indicators are required to meet the standard under load conditions, but different from the gas sampling pump which only requires the standard under extremely light load (the test proves that the load is slightly larger The gas sampling pump is easily damaged). Therefore, the cost of the two types of micro pumps is quite different.

To sum up, if the micro vacuum pump is used for gas sampling, it is bound to obtain high reliability, but the price is relatively high; if the gas sampling pump is used in a situation with a large load, the reliability and life expectancy will be greatly reduced, or even impossible It works normally, although it has an advantage in price. It is best to consult the technical department clearly when selecting models, so as to balance cost and performance. Some gas sampling pumps can also achieve better vacuum and flow indicators. However, achieving this technical indicator and being able to work reliably for a long time under this indicator are two different things. For example, a micro pump can reach a vacuum of 30KPa, so when the pump's suction port is often at this vacuum, will the pump work reliably? Therefore, the index achieved by the pump is not the same as the index that it can work reliably. Please confirm with the dealer when purchasing.