Supply Ingersoll Rand Air Compressor Air Compressor Sales Center specializes in providing you with long-life, low-noise and energy-saving screw air compressors of various types, including mine type, explosion-proof type, oil-free type, mobile type, process type, piston type, high, medium and low pressure Type, etc., can provide the design and planning of air compressor stations, and air compressor repair and maintenance services. And sales of complete sets of equipment (refrigerated dryers, adsorption dryers, high-efficiency oil outlets, precision filters, gas storage tanks and other products). The company will serve you wholeheartedly!

Since its establishment, has rapidly increased its capital and expanded annually. Its sales have continued to increase annually and its market share has repeatedly risen. The company specializes in the promotion, sales and after-sales service of export compressors, air purification equipment and original genuine accessories. It is especially well-known in the air compressor industry for its perfect after-sales service and is also well-known in the industry. is also responsible for the sales, maintenance, overhaul and maintenance of various export brands of air compressors. The machine brands include Atlas Copco Ingersoll Rand INGERSOLL-RAND, CompAir Compare, and Sheng FS, Sullair SULATR, Man brand, Shanghai Shenjiang gas storage tanks, etc.

Main business:

1. Sliding vane air compressor

2. Screw air compressor

3. Reciprocating air compressor

4. Refrigerated and adsorption dryer

5. Gas storage tank

6. Precision filter

7. Compressor maintenance, repair, parts

8. Engineering design and installation of gas supply pipeline

9. Centrifugal air compressor

10. The medium and high pressure air compressors have been trusted by users for many years, saving you a lot of industrial resources, please call to discuss...........

Professional wholesale the following brands of air compressor three filter/lubricant and valve maintenance kit accessories:

1. Atlas Copco compressor original parts

2. Original parts of Ingersoll-Rand compressor

3. Original spare parts of Fusheng compressor

4. CompAir Compressor Original Parts

5. Original spare parts of LIUTECH compressor

6. Original spare parts of SULLAIR compressor