Smart vortex flowmeter

1. Function introduction: On-site LCD meter display, real-time temperature, real-time pressure, instantaneous flow, flow accumulation, temperature and pressure compensation function, when measuring gas and steam, check the meter according to the measured temperature and pressure to ensure compensation The flow rate is not affected by temperature and pressure changes, which cause changes in vapor density and affect the accuracy of the flowmeter. When ordinary vortex flowmeters are delivered according to the 1:5 process ratio, when the range is below 20% and above 80%, the flow accuracy cannot be guaranteed. Because the non-intelligent type cannot pass the internal program, the flow signal multi-point linearization compensation , The intelligent flowmeter is compensated by multi-point linearization to ensure the flow accuracy of the flowmeter in the range of each point. The intelligent flowmeter has a range ratio of 1:15, which is 3 times higher than that of ordinary vortex flowmeters. The intelligent flowmeter has the function of self-diagnosis and automatic compensation for temperature and pressure faults. It records the clock and date when the power is turned off. It can switch and display the flow under the working condition by pressing the button. It adopts dual sensors and has a strong vibration function.

2. Output signal: three-wire output two-way current (mA), frequency signal at the same time, (corresponding: instantaneous flow, flow accumulation, temperature, pressure) can be set arbitrarily through the instrument menu. Two-wire output current (mA) (corresponding: instantaneous flow, flow accumulation, temperature, pressure) can be set through the instrument menu.

◆Measuring medium: gas, liquid, steam

◆Flange connection type diameter selection 10,...100,150,200, 3000

◆Flow measurement range Normal measurement flow velocity range Reynolds number gas 5~50m/s; liquid 0.5~7m/s

◆Measurement accuracy 1.0 level

◆High temperature –25℃~150℃ -25℃~300℃

◆Pulse current remote transmission signal 4~20 mA, RS-485 or 232

◆Instrument use environment Temperature: -25℃~+55℃ Humidity: 5~90% RH50℃

◆Material Stainless steel, aluminum alloy

◆Power supply DC24V or lithium battery 3.6V

◆Explosion-proof grade Intrinsically safe type iaIIbT3-T6