Synthetic refrigerating oil for R22 screw machine: CP-4214-85, CP-4214-150, CP-4214-320, CP-4214-100

SOLEST series synthetic refrigerating oil: SOLEST LT-32, SOLEST 46, SOLETS 68, SOLEST 120, SOLEST 170, SOLEST 220, SOLEST 370, CP-2931AH, CP-2931A 

Refrigeration oil: CP-1008-68, CP-1009-68, CP-1516-100, CP-1516-150, CP-4600-68, CP-4600-100, CP-4700-32, CP-4700-68 , CP-4700-100 

Air compressor oil: CP-1542-32, CP-1542-46, CP-4100-32, CP-4100-68, CP-4100-100, CP-4100-150, CP-9301-46, PARA-4

Special oil for CPI hydrocarbon gas compressor: CP-1000-100, CP-1015-150, CP-1515-100, CP-1515-150, CP-1516-100, CP-1516-150, CP-1528-100

Refrigerator and freezer compressor oil: CP-2901A, CP-2910E, CP-2915AS, CP-2915E, CP-2922E, CP-2931A, CP-2932AH, CP-4722-30  

CP-1009-68 is a professionally prepared semi-synthetic refrigerating oil with high chemical stability. It contains anti-oxidation, corrosion resistance, low pour point and anti-foam additives. This type of lubricating fluid is widely used in harsh chemical environments; such as the requirements of ammonia (R717) refrigeration compressor applications. This product is widely used in OEM initial installation, designation, recommendation and equivalent use of major ammonia compressor (R717) manufacturers in the world.

Grasso, Mcquay, BOC, Praxair, Sabroe, Linde, MESSER, Air Liquide, Mycom, Frick, York (York), APV, Vilter, FES, Toromont -------- etc.

Product application and relative advantages 

The cooling and lubrication function in the ammonia (R717) compressor has obvious advantages. In the application of ammonia compressors, it is particularly effective in resisting corrosion and extending service life. Especially compared with the design of 68cSt mineral oil and alkylbenzene (AB) oil, the consumption is only about 20% to 20% of mineral oil and alkylbenzene oil. 25%

In ammonia (R717) screw compression, the service life is about 6 times that of mineral oil. For example, CP-1009-68 can reach 12,500 hours under continuous operation conditions, while the continuous service life of 68cSt naphthenic refrigeration oil (mineral oil) is about 2000 hours.

Significantly reduce the replacement cost of filter screens and refrigeration parts: because mineral oil is the product of fractionation in the petroleum refining process, it contains a lot of impurities. It is easy to chemically react with ammonia (R717) refrigerant to generate black particles, which block the filter screen and cause a pressure drop. CP-1009-68 has extremely low vapor pressure and extremely low solubility in ammonia, which can reduce the carry-out, evaporation and consumption of lubricating oil. With more than 30 years of experience in supporting and cooperating with global ammonia (R717) compressor manufacturers, this exclusive additive formula can have the following obvious functions: such as reducing bearing wear, improving the efficiency of ammonia refrigeration systems, and superior oxidation resistance Ability, higher flash point.

It can prolong the life of the equipment, operate the equipment more safely, and have better protection against rust and chemical reactions of refrigerated parts. This product is widely used in refrigerated compressors for food, meat, vegetables, seafood and daily food all over the world.

The higher viscosity index can ensure that there is a small viscosity change in the extremely high and extremely low temperature range, and can provide better lubrication function, thereby improving the efficiency of the compressor.

It is basically compatible with mineral oil or alkylbenzene oil, and can be directly added to the compressor system of mineral oil or alkylbenzene oil. With the above advantages, it can greatly reduce the cost of mechanical equipment maintenance, as well as the number of mechanical reverse repairs and recycling. Therefore, it is widely installed and used by global OEM manufacturers.

product description

CP-1009 series products are highly refined and chemically inert semi-synthetic lubricants specially formulated. It contains anti-oxidation, corrosion resistance, low pour point and anti-foam additives. Such lubricating fluids are widely used in harsh chemical environments; such as the requirements in ammonia refrigeration applications.