Compared with frequency conversion air compressor, what are the problems of traditional air compressor

Compared with frequency conversion air compressors, traditional air compressors have certain shortcomings. What are the manifestations? Next, the editor of will tell you what are the problems with traditional air compressors.

   1. Serious waste of electricity

  Traditional loading and unloading air compressor, energy is mainly wasted in:

  1) Power consumption during loading

   After the pressure reaches the required working pressure, the traditional control method determines that the pressure will continue to rise until the unloading pressure. During the pressurization process, more heat and noise will be generated, which will lead to power loss. On the other hand, before the high-pressure gas enters the pneumatic components, its pressure needs to be reduced by a pressure reducing valve, which also consumes energy.

  2) Power consumption during unloading

   When the unloading pressure is reached, the air compressor automatically opens the unloading valve, causing the motor to run idly, causing serious energy waste. The power consumption of the air compressor when unloaded accounts for about 30% to 50% of the full load, which shows that traditional air compressors have obvious energy-saving space.

  2, power frequency start-up inrush current is large

   Although the main motor adopts Y-△ decompression starting, the starting current is still large, which has a large impact on the power grid, which is easy to cause instability of the power grid and threaten the operation safety of other electrical equipment. For self-powered plants, several times the rated current impact may cause other equipment abnormalities.

  3, the pressure is unstable, the degree of automation is low

   The traditional air compressor has a low degree of automation. The output pressure is adjusted by the control of the loading and unloading valve and the regulating valve. The adjustment speed is slow, the fluctuation is large, the accuracy is low, and the output pressure is unstable.

  4, equipment maintenance is large

   The power frequency starting current of the air compressor is large, up to 5~8 times the rated current. The working mode determines that the loading and unloading valve will inevitably move repeatedly, the parts are easy to age, the power frequency runs at high speed, the bearing wears large, and the equipment maintenance is large.

   5. Loud noise

   Continuous power frequency high-speed operation, additional pressure exceeding the required working pressure, repeated loading and unloading, all directly cause high power frequency operation noise.