Faced with a huge stock market, air compressor agents should be willing to change

At present, the continuous sluggish air compressor market has put pressure and crisis on all links of the entire industry chain, the inventory pressure of manufacturers, the pressure of livelihoods of first-line users, and the pressure of inventory, livelihood and debt of intermediate agents!

Faced with a huge stock market, air compressor agents should be willing to change

  As a link and bridge between manufacturers and end users, agents are closely related to the development of the industry. In the 1990s, when the development of domestic air compressor manufacturers was still in its early stages, agents had already flourished, but the process was not smooth sailing. The macro-control in 2004 and the global financial crisis in 2008 have all affected the operation of agents. However, when the 4 trillion yuan bailout policy was introduced, it has continued to triumph for more than 3 years.

   It is undeniable that along with the advancement of the air compressor industry, the agents who are on the front line of the market have tasted the sweetness. The "Golden Decade" of the air compressor industry is inseparable from the outstanding contributions of agents, but today's shrinking market, sales tasks and debt problems put great pressure on agents.

   For the agents who are easily overlooked in the entire air compressor industry chain, they have achieved brilliance along the way and experienced ups and downs. As an important window for the sales of complete machine plants during the market's glorious period, the current dilemma faced by air compressor agents has become a common problem in the industry. Nowadays, facing the bleak market, we need the support and help of manufacturers, and we need to seek reform and find a way out.

  As we all know, in the entire air compressor industry chain, agents have their biggest advantage, that is, being close to the market and customers. Equipment maintenance, spare parts supply, energy-saving technological transformation, equipment renewal... Agents are inseparable from any link. So interlocking, in the case of the market downturn, shaping the agent's own brand has become a great opportunity to turn passive into active. Air compressor agents should take this opportunity to practice internal skills, improve the after-sales service market, and conduct personnel training and preparation.

   In fact, it is what foreign air compressor agents do to expand the product chain after entering the aftermarket. According to the survey, the added value of an air compressor product from start-up to scrapping is more than 10 times the price of the equipment product. It can be seen that after agents enter the air compressor, the market has a huge profit margin.

   For many years, after-sales service of air compressor products has been implemented through the hands of agents, and has mastered the initiative. Despite the current market recession, the rapid development of the industry in the past decade has left agents with a huge air compressor inventory. Air compressor product maintenance services beyond the warranty period are undoubtedly another clear way for agents to get out of the market difficulties.

   In addition, agents continue to extend their business to closely related areas such as logistics, distribution, training services, compressed air pipeline installation, and quality inspection filing. Small-scale regional agents can become the direction of development. You can also use this to improve and consolidate your distribution network and expand your market.

   In short, relying on others is not as good as strengthening yourself. The traditional agent model makes agents passively become risk-takers in the downstream of the market. Only by proactively establishing their own brand and strengthening their own capabilities can they enhance their ability to withstand risks in the changing market.