Effective methods to improve the knowledge level of China's dryer technology and drying equipment

The drying equipment industry is engaged in the development of small businesses, new products, and perfect introduction of new products mainly to imitate each other. It is recommended to develop advanced technology and improve product quality. Compared with the developed countries in the world, China's drying equipment technology still has a certain gap in the same industry. The current market is dominated by products with lower technical content. China's accession to the WTO will have more international counterparts entering the domestic market, and we will face enormous competitive pressures with increasingly serious international competition.

It is estimated that during the "Tenth Five-Year Plan" period, the domestic market share of China's drying equipment will reach 90%. At present, there are two ways to focus on areas with performance problems and technological innovation capabilities. Most of the companies with concentrated distribution in China's drying equipment industry have gradually produced early companies on the basis of this industry. The relatively concentrated geographical location has serious defects in the personnel structure. So far, companies are mainly distributed in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Liaoning, and black companies. These companies account for almost 50% of the total industry. In sharp contrast, there are some areas in China that do not have drying equipment manufacturing. Quotient. Highly competitive industries, some companies focus on the immediate results, do not need any system development, improve the overall quality, progress is slow, and seriously hinder the normal development of the industry

Although there are many of our drying equipment and dryer factories, the advanced countries are still far below the industry where this is the consensus view. How to improve the level of drying technology in China to join the World Trade Organization in order to deal with competition from all sides is the dry industry thinking. Based on the opinions of experts, the following suggestions are made to the water-scarce industries in China.

Increased user identification ability: drying equipment

Belt dryer http://okmarts.com has so many equipment factories in China and can be based on the market. It should be said that a large number of drying equipment in the factory production equipment technology and certain differences, product quality, but why can survive, this capable other user groups have established a good relationship. Drying equipment and other general mechanical equipment, in addition to the quality of different appearance factors, indicate that the technical content and use effect cannot find the user. Because of the lack of users, some low-level dry plants provide an objective living space. Promote market penetration, purify and dry knowledge, and integrate the market where it can play an active role. Only in this way can manufacturers survive and develop in a market where the survival of the fittest is possible. Although the dryer is a special product and not the user can not determine their own advantages and disadvantages when choosing drying equipment to cope with the following plants should be investigated.

(1) Visiting the factory for plant research should first understand the experimental results of the experimental data regardless of whether there are any materials in the plant laboratory equipment. Listen carefully to the Phenomenon Plant Experiment Report. The model needs to understand whether there is a processing plant with manufacturing capability, which means that it can be required to listen to the processing method in the declaration of the plant type.

(2) The level of factory performance depends to a certain extent on the performance of its performance under normal conditions, the more powerful capabilities of the equipment manufacturer. Because by improving the technology of production equipment. If it is the first time to create a model, you must be cautious when the user's mature technology should be seriously argued.

(3) Reputable drying equipment and maintenance to maintain the use of the process is sometimes difficult for users to solve this problem. Some common non-wearing parts factories can provide users with permanent technical consultation. Parts suppliers must consider users when choosing drying equipment. Respond to other users visiting the factory in order to understand the business reputation.

(4) The drying equipment in the amplification process mentioned in the same study before the model will also appear in this problem one way or another. Research whether there are user requirements, experience and specifications of the same model from the manufacturer. If the accumulated experience equipment has a relatively high success rate in this field.

(5) Check the same or similar materials for further study of the impact, if the best plant material is dried, provide the same experience. This can improve the credibility of the project. Although this dryness is a very professional subject, it is difficult for non-professionals to master it in a short period of time. If possible, the best access project to hire experts for quality drying options can enhance the reliability of plant equipment.

Strengthen basic research

For many years, domestic spray drying equipment is mainly based on equipment, lacking the characteristics of imitation, and they themselves lack competitiveness in the international market. First of all, according to the level of drying equipment drying technology, the current drying equipment manufacturers have created a lot of research and developed less dry but technicians. Drying equipment and some foreign companies engaged in technological development have some droughts and even surpassed some manufacturing personnel who have been striving for high-tech markets. If you want to have something at home and abroad, it is necessary to establish a highly competitive professional standard, which means a complete testing and development base. An effective way is to establish an integrated scientific research and production organization, and the production of scientific research departments at the same time again supports research and production enterprises to improve the skill level of dry products to increase the technical content and production potential. In the process of technology development, the main attention should be paid to the following points:

(1) Strengthening of basic theoretical research The basis of basic research is that the development of new technologies is not only to strengthen the drying technology in the field of basic research, the continuous development of drying, the development of drying technology to promote advanced drying equipment. We should establish complete control of basic research laboratory equipment in our universities and research institutions to dry bases. The mechanism of in-depth research and technological development have laid a theoretical foundation. Such drying equipment has adopted a gradual path and independent innovation in China.

(2) The physical properties of the research materials cannot be separated from the dry materials. The characteristics and requirements of the products reflected in the drying process of the dry materials are different. Due to the different properties of materials, the drying equipment will constitute a complex and diverse structure machine. For those who have been industrialized mechanism drying equipment and the structure of the drying equipment is not difficult to grasp the more difficult adjustment is the specific structure of the material to meet the requirements of the drying of materials. Drying equipment and technicians exceed factory machinery and equipment, and school-based professional drying equipment is often regarded as a purely mechanical product. The limited professional textbooks make them relatively neglect the physical properties and the material properties of the defects lead to unsatisfactory equipment. Therefore, a successful machine design is first of all a correct understanding of materials and machine design is reasonable. Therefore, the design of a number of drying equipment should focus on the physical properties of the material.

(3) The domestic low-level automation that automatically controls the drying equipment, the control means is behind a common problem. It is not difficult to solve the control problems with the current automatic drying equipment, but the most important thing is the lack of professional self-control combined drying equipment and reasonable problems. Different materials mentioned that the previous machine also has different requirements. The same material has quite different requirements in different control methods. The role of automatic control is the well-known clothes dryer, but it is also the investment control equipment that a one-time investor is most concerned about, and sometimes even exceeds the dry price of mechanical parts. Unreasonable or if the program is unable to process the request or waste caused by the investment, these are all concerns of investors. Should be applied to drying, drying process to determine the most reasonable control means, dry specific items to determine the appropriate control means research should be carried out.

(4) With the development of particularly dry and high value-added research in recent years, various new materials have successfully covered all aspects of national products. Many new materials, stable product quality, strict control of the drying process, high-tech, high value-added materials. At the same time, it seems that the drying technology of new materials also poses new challenges. Ultra-fine powder, such as physics, material made of high viscosity powder, nano-material dry powder capsule drying professional urgent problem.

(5) Amplification research: This process of drying equipment, expanding geometry is not only related to fluid mechanics amplification, mechanics, thermodynamics, heat transfer, material science, corrosion removal, electrical control subjects. Some problems may occur during the amplification process. The drying equipment is enlarged, so it is not a simple geometric enlargement. In this regard, it depends to a large extent on industrialization experience, physical properties of materials and knowledge of drying equipment. The phenomena that may appear during the amplification process should be reasonable and objective and corresponding prediction procedures. The so-called research of the amplification effect is to grasp the theoretical drying and drying technology, accumulate practical experience, and pay attention to the engineering experience of the amplification equipment of the summary method.