Comparison of screw type and piston type air compressor

Friends who are often exposed to air compressors should know the basic difference between piston air compressors and screw air compressors. They have obvious differences in structure, moving parts and operating parts, as well as consumption life and performance. , The following brings you some knowledge about the difference between the piston machine and the screw machine.

   1. The difference between piston type and screw type air compressor is as follows:

   Piston air compressor: The crankshaft drives the piston to reciprocate, changing the cylinder volume for compression.

  Screw type air compressor: The yin and yang rotors run continuously, changing the cavity volume for compression.

  2. The detailed operation difference:

   Piston machi>e: The operating procedures are complex, and multiple data needs to be recorded manually. Such as the running time, there is still time for refueling, the oil filter, the air intake filter, and the oil and gas separator time, but also need specialized personnel to operate.

   Screw machine: Because of the complete computer control, it can automatically start and stop, load and unload on time after the next setting. Automatically record a variety of parameters, automatically record the use time of consumables and remind them to change, and manage the inspection of the air compressor station.

  3. Common problems of damage and repair:

Piston air compressor: due to uneven reciprocating movement, it wears quickly and needs to be replaced frequently. The cylinder needs to be disassembled and repaired within a month, and many sealing rings are changed accordingly. There are dozens of cylinder liner springs that need to be changed. Each part has multiple pistons, piston rings, valve parts, crankshaft bushes, etc., continuously running. Due to the large number of parts, especially vulnerable parts, the failure rate is very high, and several maintenance personnel are usually required. The replacement of consumables needs to be done by many people, and the equipment room needs to be equipped with lifting equipment, which cannot be clean without oil leakage.

  Screw air compressor: only a pair of ordinary bearings need to be replaced, and its life span is 20,000 hours, and it is replaced once every three years during 24 hours of operation throughout the year, and only the two sealing rings are replaced at the same time. As long as a pair of rotors run continuously, the failure rate is very low, and there is no need for standing maintenance personnel.

   4. System configuration:

   Piston air compressor: compressor, after cooler, high temperature type refrigeration dryer, three-stage oil filter, air tank, cooling tower, water pump, waterway valve.

   Screw air compressor: compressor, air storage tank, primary oil filter, cold dryer, secondary oil filter.