Features of variable frequency screw air compressor


  Special low-speed compressor motor, SKF bearings, insulation class F, protection class IP54, to ensure trouble-free operation. The efficiency is 3-5% higher than similar products.

  Inverter control panel:

  The operation is simple and the protection function is perfect. The variable frequency motor can be adjusted with the constant torque speed according to the system pressure signal, which not only ensures the stability of the system pressure, but also makes the compressor displacement perfectly match the user's gas consumption.

Oil filter:

   Spin-on oil filter with high-end aviation materials filtering, the effect is 20% higher than the conventional filter element, effectively extending the normal service life of the main engine.

   Oil and gas separator:

   Large-capacity oil and gas separator, superior quality oil and gas separation elements and gas and liquid filter elements, equipped with advanced designed tertiary oil and gas separation, oil content is controlled below 3ppm, to ensure the high quality of compressed air.

air filter:

   adopts a design with high dust holding capacity and low flow resistance, which can filter out the tiny solid particles in the air, with a dust removal effect of 99.5%, ensuring the normal operation and economical service life of the various parts of the system.

Intake valve:

  The advanced design of the intake valve, the recent adjustment range is 0-100%, the capacity adjustment valve is adjusted, the pressure loss is small, the action is stable, and the life is long.


The world's first screw machine, high efficiency, low speed, the rotor adopts the third generation 5:6 tooth profile, the world's best profile design, low noise, low energy consumption, low maintenance cost, best reliability and service life .