Compressor companies have caused the misunderstanding of killing, how many tricks have you hit

In recent years, many machinery manufacturing companies, including the compressor industry, have suffered unprecedented tests. Some are not adaptable due to the transformation of the economic system, and there are also "secret injuries" from the company’s own business strategy. As a result, many companies have slowed down the pace of development, and even risked being eliminated and headed for destruction. Then, we might as well analyze several malpractices that have caused or will cause the destruction of the enterprise one by one.

      Of course, in some cases, if you seem to have known each other before, it means that this analysis is a genuine case. Therefore, before entering the topic, please know the principle of this article: welcome to enter the table, similarities are deliberate, and coincidences are normal. Take precautions, if you have it, you can change it, and if you don't, you can encourage it.

      One, too simple buying and selling thinking


      This is the continuation of the traditional FMCG marketing thinking in the compressor marketing operation, or in other words, the traditional marketing thinking is still used in the unloading industry. In fact, traditional FMCG is also the thinking of selling goods in traditional channels. To put it bluntly, the thinking of selling goods is the thinking of wholesale.

      Either behind closed doors to build a whole stock, or follow the plagiarism big-name whole stock, like the clothing industry is behind European and American popular magazines or big names, and then, the entire market seems to use the same designer. This kind of selling thinking is that there is no overall planning before the product is developed, and it does not care about the sales after it is introduced to the market. Originally doing wholesale is a one-shot deal, and the agent takes the goods back, regardless of whether you sell it or not.

   When this kind of selling thinking is used for machinery and equipment marketing, it immediately highlights the conflict between the two. At present, the essence of machinery and equipment marketing is the value of after-sales service, and after-sales service tests the overall operating ability of the brand. Integration and matching of resources.

      Specific performance:

     1, plagiarize a model of others;

      2. Anyway, the warehouse has a lot of inventory, which is the most typical idea.

     The source of thought:

     1. The classic embodiment of the traditional marketing thinking of the deep-rooted traditional brand in the marketing operation of machinery and equipment;

     2, thinking just stays at "selling goods: level;

     3. The lack of brand building in traditional marketing is reflected in marketing operations.

      2. Lack of production capacity for core content

      Comment: A brand is a complex of high-quality content. Whether it is an online store or a physical store, it is a contextual and theatrical representation of the high-quality content of the corporate brand. Conversely, those compressor companies that are "dead" and those that are about to die lack the production capacity for high-quality content.

      Countless dead compressor companies and "martyrs" all revealed that compressor companies without intrinsic value and core production capacity, they only know about crude discounts and promotions or price wars. This kind of brand without high-quality content gives people the impression that they are mostly low-end and shoddy, without a distinctive brand image.

      Specific embodiment:

      1. The company does not have technology R&D and innovation departments;

     2, know nothing about the application of brand building;

     3, completely rely on promotional activities to survive.

     The source of thought:   

   1. Or the traditional marketing thinking dominates the business philosophy;   

   2. Lack of in-depth understanding of the essence of brand value.   

   3. Metaphysical and pure KPI thinking   

   Comment: An article circulated on Sina Weibo called "Performanceism Ruins Sony", everyone knows that performance is KPI. If performanceism really ruined Sony, then countless traditional domestic enterprises have been ruined by this fashionable concept. In China, all fashionable concepts and companies that are eager for success will inevitably be interested in learning and doing it. If they do not see the essence or distinguish the differences, they will inevitably be distorted in actual implementation. Unfortunately, the operation of many brands of compressor companies has died on this distorted KPI.   

   To what extent is this distorted KPI? Enterprises eager for success even calculate the input-output ratio for a dime, and now they have a fashionable term called conversion rate.

      For example, when discussing new media marketing with these eager companies, the local tyrants must say, how much conversion rate you must bring me to release this message. In other words, how much money I give you, how much sales you must bring me. Simple and crude.   

   Specific performance:   

   1. Everything must talk about the conversion rate.   

  2, KPI is the core, there is no chance of trial and error.   

  3. Innovation is an imitation on the skin.   

  The source of thought:   

   1. Anxious for success, want to win and be afraid of losing, want to invest some money to try, but never lose money, continue to do it if you have a profit;

     2. Disguised management and monitoring, thinking that this can firmly manage employees, which actually restricts the real innovation mechanism.   

   4. Lack of awareness of new media   

   Comment: I have to say that up to now, many brands operate as an "information island" in the Internet world. In addition to relying on traditional promotion tools and platforms, these e-commerce stores are almost "isolated" from the Internet. Later, it developed into a variety of tiresome promotional advertisements on Weibo, QQ groups, and QQ spaces. But fundamentally speaking, this kind of simple and rude information push has no effect on the communication between compressor companies and the online world.

     To this day, many companies still have "information islands", let alone social e-commerce. In other words, they still don’t know anything about the understanding of new media: they regard registering an account on Weibo and WeChat as new media marketing, they regard copying and pasting chicken soup for the soul as content production, and they boast. The soft article is regarded as brand communication.   

   Specific performance:   

  1, swarming to become the prey of WeChat marketing and micro marketing MLM training;   

  2, a swarm of registered WeChat public accounts, and then I don’t know what to post within a few months;

     3, still post promotional advertisements in QQ groups, QQ space, WeChat and Weibo;   

  4. I thought that investing in keywords on Baidu was internet marketing.

     The source of thought:

     1, still dominated by traditional marketing thinking;   

  2, I don't know anything about the position of new media in brand marketing and even in the operation of e-commerce;   

  3, hearsay about the operation of new media marketing.

      5. Outdated "do practical work, do more"   

  Comment: Everyone knows that all companies are now transformed from traditional systems. These managers have achieved today's success through their hard work in physical channels. Therefore, they are all true doers. These doers work hard and work hard in their careers. Their mantra is "do practical things, do more work." Any ideas that deviate from their values, cognition, or thinking are regarded by them as blowing water, theoretical, impractical, unrealistic, and so on.   

  In the physical channels, they really rely on their own real materials to create a world of the brand, which makes them develop a habit of only knowing work and neglecting thinking. They reap the results, but they still don’t know how the results came. Just like today, in terms of business operations, they still get losses, confusion and other endings, but they still don't know what caused all this.

      Specific performance: busy   

   The source of thought: chaos

      6. Speculation is the supremacy of making money   

   Comment: Of course, you have to make money in business, which is justified. But everyone knows that if you want to make money, you have to invest in it, you have to make a lot of money, you have to have a team, and if you want to rely on the brand to make a lot of money and make long-term money, you need more investment from an awesome team.   

   is such a simple truth, but many compressor industry practitioners have encountered problems here. In their view, making money is a must, and only making money is z* important. Therefore, under the guidance of the core idea of ​​making money first, a core operation team was formed, but in fact it is almost a "grass team" drawn from various departments.   

   Do you think they don’t want to invite professional and awesome people? Of course, but according to their thinking, instead of investing too much, it is better to find a few people in the company to slowly explore. This groping doesn't matter, and he touched them into the puddle.   

   Specific performance:   

  1, the grass platform team;   

  2, everything is about saving money