High-end screw air compressors can be sold at high prices

1. Firmly funded enterprise users focus on comprehensive cost performance. They often use the functional price analysis method of technical economics in internal decision-making. This method adopts experts in product functions, brand, reliability, energy efficiency, environmental impact, price and other items. The determined weighting standards are weighted separately, and the ranking of different products to be purchased is calculated through individual scoring and comprehensive scoring. Some large companies adopt larger brand weights. In the comprehensive scoring, high-end products often get high scores;

  2. For large enterprises to improve safety considerations, high-end screw air compressor products are the right choice for ;

  3. Increasingly stringent environmental assessments and energy-saving indicators have prompted high-end products to enter large enterprises and high-risk and high-polluting industries;

  4. It is natural for high-investment process equipment to be equipped with high-end air compressor products, and it is therefore decided that the purchase and use of brand-name air compressor products will inevitably enhance the corporate image;

  5. Study abroad to attract investors and decision makers;

   6. Various other reasons make the bosses of large enterprises feel that it is more cost-effective to purchase high-end products and the risk is small.

Of course, these high-end screw air compressor brands have a long history of accumulation, strong technical background, constitute a tangible or intangible luxury appearance, plus a wealth of performance information and continuous deep personal connections-these are all high-end air compressor performance Excellent foundation.