How big the air compressor is, these two technical parameters must be known

People often come to inquire about how much it costs to buy a screw air compressor, but when I ask the person how big a screw air compressor you need, many users really can’t answer and cannot determine the size of the air compressor. We will not be able to make a reasonable and correct quotation for you.

   Then how to determine the model size of the screw air compressor? Which parameters are used to determine the model? Generally speaking, if you want to determine the purchase of a screw compressor, you need to know the following two parameters:

   1. Working pressure of gas equipment;

   2. The amount of gas required by the gas equipment per minute.

   Knowing these two parameters, the screw compressor model can basically be determined. For example, the working pressure of the gas equipment in production needs to be 0.6Mpa, and the gas consumption is about 2 cubic meters per minute. From this, it can be determined that buying a screw compressor with a 15KW motor power can meet the production gas consumption.

When many enterprises or companies re-enter the production line, after the experts of the design institute have passed the data demonstration, they clearly marked the need for several cubic meters of air compressors in the purchase details or process drawings. In this case, the user only needs to draw the gourd and change The parameters can be reported to the air compressor seller; but more often, there is no such parameter, how do I know how much gas and how many kilograms of pressure my production equipment needs?

The easiest and most effective method is to directly ask the manufacturer of the production equipment. They must know how large an air compressor is needed for this equipment. The parameters they provide are the most accurate, and they can also ask their peers or companies with the same technology. Own production process, and then provide these data to the screw air compressor sales company, and determine the model size of the screw air compressor together, so that the purchased air compressor can avoid buying large waste and buying small enough.