How to achieve high efficiency and energy saving for variable frequency air compressor

When it comes to frequency conversion, everyone will think of power saving and energy saving. It is true that the frequency conversion air compressor is the same as the power saving of the fan motor water pump. According to the load change, the input voltage frequency is controlled to maintain the stability of the pressure, flow, temperature and other parameters, thus greatly Improving the working performance of the compressor has achieved the effect of saving electricity and energy. So what kind of principle does the inverter air compressor work?

   Since the motor speed of the air compressor has a linear relationship with the actual power consumption of the air compressor, reducing the motor speed will reduce the actual power consumption. The variable frequency air compressor uses a pressure sensor to instantly sense the actual air pressure and air consumption in the system. Through the precise coordination of electrical control and frequency conversion control, the motor speed can be instantly controlled without changing the torque of the air compressor motor. By changing the compressor speed, it responds to changes in system pressure and maintains a stable system pressure setting. In order to achieve on-demand output of high-quality compressed air, energy consumption is reduced and electric energy is saved.

   Understand the work of the frequency conversion air compressor, so the following will show you several characteristics of the frequency conversion air compressor:

1. The pressure setting of the frequency conversion air compressor can be one point, that is, the z* low pressure that meets the requirements of the production equipment can be used as the set pressure. The frequency conversion air compressor will adjust the air compressor speed according to the trend of fluctuations in the pressure of the pipe network. The speed even eliminates the unloading operation of the air compressor and saves electric energy.

  2. Since the compressor cannot rule out the possibility of running for a long time under full load, the capacity of the motor can only be determined according to the maximum demand, so the design capacity is generally too large. In actual operation, the proportion of light-load operation time is very high. If frequency conversion is adopted, the working efficiency during operation can be greatly improved. Therefore, the energy saving potential is great.

  3. Some adjustment methods (such as adjusting the valve opening and changing the angle of the blades, etc.) cannot reduce the operating power of the motor even when the demand is small. After adopting frequency conversion speed regulation, when the demand is small, the speed of the motor can be reduced, and the running power of the motor can be reduced, thereby further realizing energy saving.