How to choose an air filter

Air filters are usually used in ventilation replacement gas and temperature control and conditioning projects. In addition to purifying the air, some also have the functions of fire prevention, moisture prevention and insect prevention.

Air filters are mainly divided into these types: primary filters use inertia to separate large dust particles, filter dust is high but not high precision, used in the primary filtration part to have a pre-filtering effect; medium-efficiency filters use synthetic fibers to filter Material, dust removal power and scale are all comparable; and the filter material of the high-efficiency filter can be made into paper, the filter paper can filter small impurities after multiple folding, and the high-precision filter can be used in aseptic warehouse engineering.

There is no conclusion about what kind of air filter is easy to use. It depends on the needs of the occasion to choose the appropriate equipment. The first consideration can be from these aspects: Is the filtration accuracy high enough? If the accuracy is not enough, dust can enter the compressor , It affects the life of the separator and even the bearing and other components; the waterproof function of the filter should also be good, there is moisture in the air, and the humidity is greater in rainy days. Once the filter is damp, the compressor will not run smoothly, and it will be blocked in severe cases. , And then add power consumption.