How to identify the authenticity of the air compressor air filter cartridge The air compressor air filter manufacturer will show you how to identify the authenticity of the filter cartridge. With the advent of the network economy, various products have entered a chaotic price war, the cost of various products has gradually become transparent, and market competition has intensified. The competition in the "filter cartridge" market has also entered a fierce stage, and price wars will inevitably lead to the appearance of counterfeit products. Counterfeiting of "filter cartridges" is not uncommon. It pretends to be American HV filters, Japanese Toray polyester filters, American Tetratex membrane filters, etc., which not only affects the normal market price, but also harms the interests of direct users. It will cost money to repurchase the filter cartridge, but it will affect the entire system engineering and cause accidents! In response to the question of how to distinguish genuine and fake filter cartridges frequently raised by customers, we have summarized the following methods for reference.

1. Air compressor air filter: After the finished filter cartridge is made, it is difficult to see the authenticity of the filter material with the naked eye, so you can choose the filter material with logo, so that it is very intuitive to distinguish the true and false HV filter material . Therefore, if a customer specifies HV filter material, in order to make it easier to distinguish, you can ask the filter cartridge manufacturer to use HV company's logo filter material for production. This is the simplest and most effective method.

  2. Air compressor air filter: What if there is no logo on the filter material? We can choose the following methods:

   (1) Ask the filter cartridge manufacturer for a filter material quality guarantee certificate and a certificate of origin. Foreign filter material manufacturers will have a quality guarantee certificate with the goods, and they are all stamped. (Red or blue stamps are required, and the copies may be fraudulent).

   (2) You can directly ask the after-sales service department or sales department of a foreign filter manufacturer whether a certain filter cartridge manufacturer has bought this filter material recently. Although this method is more troublesome, you can understand its authenticity from the source.

  3. Air compressor air filter: If you still have some doubts about the data provided. Another method is to randomly select one of them and send it to the filter material manufacturer for verification, and then seal the sample, keep one at a time, compare before and after, or sample from time to time for verification. This method can prevent manufacturers from changing materials. Especially for customers who need to control the quality and cost of the large amount of filter cartridges each year, it is very practical. Customers can order one more filter cartridge each time they order (generally, customers with large quantities will prepare a few more when purchasing).

   Air compressor air filter: I hope that the above three points can help direct users to choose the required filter cartridge, so that the industry of filter cartridge manufacturing enters an orderly competition.