How to identify the authenticity of imported air compressor accessories!

High-quality air compressor accessories are the basis for ensuring the normal operation of air compressor equipment. Due to the need for maintenance of air compressors and driven by benefits, a variety of imported engineering air compressors and air compressor accessories appear on the market, but the quality is uneven. At present, the imported air compressor parts on the market mainly fall into two categories: "imported" and "localized". Imported parts include genuine parts from the complete machine factory, high-quality parts from professional supporting factories, parts of the attached models produced in countries other than the complete machine factory (such as Japan, South Korea, Singapore, etc.), as well as air compressor parts from Hong Kong and Taiwan. "Localized" parts are parts of imported air compressors produced by regular factories, and are generally marked with the production mark of the factory. There are also some imported air compressor parts copied by informal factories or even private workshops, and they are sold as imported genuine parts in packages printed with imported genuine parts or professional factories, which are in fact fake and inferior products. There are also parts imported from South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other Asian countries and regions that are not from Japan or the United States, with exquisite packaging of genuine parts. These are collectively called fakes. Although they can be used, they are far inferior to the original ones. The quality requirements of parts, especially the imitation parts produced by informal manufacturers, cannot meet the quality requirements of pure parts and professional factory products in terms of material, technology, function, etc., which will affect the normal use and maintenance of the air compressor. For business and user units, it is very necessary to identify imported air compressor accessories.

  Imported air compressor parts can be identified from many aspects, mainly from packaging, internal quality, product price and purchase channels.

   first distinguish from the product price

   The same air compressor accessories, there is a big difference between genuine parts, professional factory parts, domestic parts and imitations. The price of genuine parts is the highest, followed by professional factories, and the prices of domestic parts and imitations are the lowest. Generally, the price of genuine parts can exceed the price of imitation parts one or two times, and some even more; foreign professional supporting factory parts are slightly lower than the genuine parts of the complete machine factory. Air compressor parts imported in batches on a regular basis shall be negotiated with foreign companies at the negotiated price, and air compressor parts purchased sporadically shall be at the annual unified catalog price of foreign companies. Sometimes foreign businessmen also regularly deal with preferential prices for air compressor accessories. The quotation of these air compressor parts (yen or US dollars) is calculated according to the import exchange rate at the time, plus tariffs, transportation and other items, and then converted into the unit price of air compressor parts, which is well known by the industry. Regular price. Air compressor parts whose price is lower than the regular price can be judged as non-genuine parts or professional factory parts. It should be noted that tax cuts and price increases by intermediate distributors in the import process will also cause prices to deviate from the regular price.

   Then analyze according to the purchase channel

At present, there are many purchase channels, but nothing more than two aspects. One is directly imported from abroad, and the other is purchased from distributors. The quality of air compressor parts imported directly from foreign complete machine factories and parts supporting factories is all. Guaranteed. If it is purchased from a dealer or imported from Hong Kong and Macau, the air compressor accessories should be identified according to the above method. In addition, all air compressor parts imported directly from abroad have order contracts, bills of lading, waybills, packing lists and invoices. If you purchase air compressor parts from an import company, you can ask them to show the above procedures, otherwise, they can be judged as non-imported genuine products.

  Secondly from the outer packaging

  Identification based on packaging is an important procedure for checking the authenticity of imported air compressor parts. The packaging of pure parts and air compressor parts of foreign professional supporting factories is exquisitely made. There are certain rules for color, pattern and style, and it is generally difficult to imitate the same. Imitation packaging is relatively rough and easier to distinguish. However, some copycats rely on modern advanced printing technology to make the accessories packaging very realistic, and it is difficult to distinguish them if they are not carefully identified. Imported air compressor parts generally have outer packaging and inner packaging, and the outer packaging is packed with packaging boxes and boxes; the inner packaging is generally marked packaging paper and plastic bags or paper bags. The outer packaging boxes (boxes) of the pure imported air compressor accessories are all affixed with a unified manufacturer, clear printing, good paper quality, and are marked with the accessory number, name, quantity, manufacturer and country. The imitation label printing is not fine, the color is either light or heavy, and it is difficult to match the original packaging. The color of the accessory number printed by the computer and the color of the manufacturer's mark is light or heavy. Careful identification can distinguish the authenticity. From the perspective of the packaging box (box), the imported packaging box (box) has a tight texture and clear patterns. The packaging box is usually printed with the manufacturer and the original part mark. Although the imitation packaging is also printed with these signs, the color Incorrect, the pattern is not clear. In order to prevent counterfeiting, some foreign companies have anti-counterfeiting marks on their packaging labels, which can be paid attention to when identifying them. The inner packaging is generally paper, paper bag or plastic bag, with pure parts and company logo printed on the packaging. The patterns, colors, and patterns of wrapping paper are difficult to match with imitations.

   When identifying the packaging of imported air compressor accessories, it should be noted that engineering air compressors and air compressor manufacturers have their own professional accessory parts suppliers. When importing air compressor accessories from manufacturers, the packaging box has both the manufacturer's mark and the accessory manufacturer's mark.

  Finally identify from the product quality

  Identifying imported air compressor parts from product quality is the most critical link in identifying the authenticity of genuine parts. Driven by profits, the dealers will assemble the imported genuine parts into the whole machine, and then pack the genuine parts in the packaging of non-genuine parts and sell them to the market. Therefore, the internal quality of the product must be inspected to confirm the authenticity of imported air compressor accessories. The identification of product quality mainly involves observation, inspection and testing.

   1. Perform physical and chemical performance tests on the product. This situation is generally used when there is doubt about the inherent quality of the product or there is a problem in use, and it is used when seeking compensation from the manufacturer.

  2. Measure the size of the product through a dedicated work to see if it meets the requirements. Some manufacturers also provide customers with measurement tools to prevent counterfeiting.

  3. Check the appearance. See whether the processing of the product is fine and the color is normal. If there are samples of genuine parts, they can be checked. Generally, the surface of imitation products is relatively rough and the color of the product is not correct.

  4. Perform performance tests on the product. Some accessories cannot be distinguished from the authenticity by appearance inspection, so special equipment is required for inspection. For example, fuel injectors and plugs should be tested on the test bench to test their fuel injection pressure, fuel injection volume, fuel injection angle, etc.

   5. Check the logo on the product. Brand marks, accessory numbers and specific codes are printed on the genuine imported accessories. Some products are also inscribed with the manufacturer and country of production. For example, the piston of a Japanese Mitsubishi diesel engine is engraved with the accessory number, group number marks A, B, C and UP↑ direction marks on the top; the inner side of the piston skirt is cast with the Mitsubishi logo and the IZUMI logo of the supporting factory. The casting is clear and easy to identify. Imitation products are either missing or illegible, making it difficult to achieve the effect of genuine products.

Summary: When identifying imported air compressor accessories, there are various methods. Don't use a single method. Use different identification methods according to different types of air compressor accessories and use them comprehensively to identify imported air compressor accessories. The authenticity of.