Performance comparison between piston compressor and screw compressor

The noise of the piston engine is loud and the maintenance is inconvenient. Most piston machines often have problems during use, which brings great inconvenience to users. At the same time, it can reduce the production cost of the factory, increase economic benefits, facilitate equipment management, beautify the company's environment, improve company image, use high-efficiency and high-reliability screw compressors to eliminate existing piston air compressors, and build an advanced and economical The modernized air compressor station is the inevitable trend of the factory's expanding development in the future. The basic criteria for choosing an air compressor are economy, reliability and safety.  

Performance comparison: The old-fashioned piston air compressor has poor operating efficiency and reliability. Piston air compressor is a model that most users are very familiar with. It was a product that everyone recognized in the very early stage. However, with the continuous innovation of technology and the emergence of new air compressors, the disadvantages of piston air compressors More and more prominent, compared with screw air compressor:  

  a. Piston-type air compressors have many vulnerable parts such as valves, pistons, piston rings, connecting rod bushes, etc. The reliability of continuous operation is poor, which will affect production on the one hand, and increase maintenance and management costs on the other. 

  b. Compared with screw air compressors, piston air compressors have low efficiency, especially for long-term continuous operation, and their economy is worse. Since many of the compression chambers formed by the piston air compressor are vulnerable parts, the wear and damage of these vulnerable parts will cause greater leakage during gas compression, and ultimately reduce the efficiency of the compressor. Since there are no vulnerable parts that affect the efficiency of the machine in the screw compressor, the pair of rotors for compression will not wear out due to their own structural characteristics. Therefore, the economy of long-term continuous operation is much better than that of piston air compressors.  

c. The piston type air compressor is a reciprocating motion mechanism, and there is an inertia force that cannot be eliminated. Therefore, it has high vibration and high noise during operation. A larger piston type air compressor requires a special fixed foundation for installation. The screw air compressor is a rotary motion mechanism with good balance, low vibration, low noise, no foundation installation, and at the same time avoiding pollution to the working environment. 

  d. The piston type air compressor is a reciprocating intermittent air supply, with large air flow pulsation during operation, the screw compressor has a high speed, stable air delivery, and no air flow pulsation, which can meet the needs of users who require higher air volume.  

e. Piston air compressor basically has no automatic control system. Screw compressor has perfect automatic control and protection system. It is a mechatronics product, which facilitates equipment maintenance and management, and also minimizes energy consumption.  

f. The screw air compressor is a highly centralized product with an overall structure. It has a small footprint and does not have the complicated piping system of a piston air compressor, which can beautify the company's production environment.  

There are too many types of models used and they are too scattered, which is not convenient for equipment management, but also increases the number of wearing parts, which is bound to increase the cost of normal operation. At the same time, the scattered layout has worsened the pollution to the production environment.  

Poor air supply quality and high fuel consumption. Piston-type air compressors suffer from the wear of the piston ring. Although the operating type has an oil scraper ring on the piston, a lot of lubricating oil will still escape into the cylinder and be discharged together with the gas. This reduces the quality of the gas on the one hand. On the other hand, it also increases fuel consumption, and the inevitable leakage of lubricating oil will also increase fuel consumption and pollute the environment. The screw air compressor has an efficient oil and gas separation system and filtering equipment, no wearing parts, high air supply quality and low fuel consumption. It is precisely based on the above situation that the relevant state departments issued a document in 2000, requiring domestic enterprises to gradually phase out piston air compressors with high operating costs and low reliability in the use of medium and low pressure air compressors, and replace them with efficient screw compressors. It has become a reality in developed countries.

In summary, in order to reduce production costs, increase economic benefits, facilitate equipment management, beautify the company's environment, and improve the company's image, the existing piston air compressors are replaced with high-efficiency and high-reliability screw compressors to build an advanced nature. , Economical air compressor station is the inevitable trend of your company's growing strength.