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Figure 1: A refrigerator is placed in the kitchen.

As is known to us, the compressor used in the refrigerator is of vital importance. So when we want to buy a refrigerator, we should check its appearance and capacity as well as the compressor. Which brand’s compressor is better for the refrigerator?

Types of Refrigerator Compressor

At present, the compressors used in household refrigerators are volumetic type, which can be divided into reciprocating and rotary type. A reciprocating compressor uses a piston, crank, connecting rod mechanism, or a piston, crank, slide pipe mechanism. The rotary type uses the rotating crankshaft mechanism.

According to the range of applications, it can be divided into low back pressure type, middle back pressure type, high back pressure type. The low back pressure type (evaporation temperature -35--15℃) is generally used in household refrigerators and food freezers. The middle back pressure type (evaporation temperature -20-0℃) is generally used for a cold drink cabinet and a milk refrigerator. The high back pressure type (evaporation temperature -5-15℃) is generally used in the room air conditioner, dehumidifier, and heat pump.

Refrigerator Compressor Brands

Bristol Compressor

* Technology

Bristol has its own research and development base, with more than 100 research and development teams, with about 100 years of technical accumulation. It is constantly improving the technology, at the same time puts forward higher standards for each compressor.

The screw machining precision has reached micron level, and each machine has been strictly standardized assembly so that it can achieve 1% of the exhaust error, the design life of 20 years or 80,000 hours, which is much more than the design life of other compressors in the industry.

* Compressor Accessories Selection

In terms of accessories selection, we choose high-quality products according to the high requirements of Bristol, and never reduce the quality for a lower price. Before the accessories are put into use, there are professional quality assurance tests, including the management of external manufacturers and quality assurance to achieve the maximum guarantee.

Bristol Compressor H79A723DBVA 380/415/460V 3PH 50/60HZ

Figure 2: Bristol Compressor H79A723DBVA.

* Energy Saving

For compressors, energy saving may also be a crucial factor. Energy-saving is a system engineering, which cannot be achieved by installing a variable frequency motor or improving the efficiency of the machine.

Bristol considers the compressor as a whole, with the input power and the exhaust volume directly linked as the criterion. So Bristol has added the concept of energy-saving from the design of the main engine, pipeline design, heat dissipation design, oil circuit design, noise design, and so on.

Copeland Compressor

* Features

Super energy efficiency

It is 12% more efficient than the most advanced piston compressors on the market.

Excellent reliability

With few moving parts, the patented flexible design of the axial and radial compressors provides unprecedented resistance to liquid shocks and tolerance for impurities.

* Advantage

High volume efficiency

For a scroll compressor, the pressure difference between adjacent crescent spaces is small. There is less leakage, no steam suction and exhaust valve, small resistance, no gap volume of re-expansion.

High thermal insulation efficiency

At the same cooling capacity, the vortex compressor is about 10% higher than the reciprocating compressor.

Small noise small vibration.

Protection structure

The Copeland compressor has a strong cast iron body to provide a large heat dissipation area to improve the cooling effect, and a lightweight aluminum piston to reduce friction and vibration, with a sophisticated electronic protection module to provide full motor protection.

Sanyo Denki Compressor

Sanyo Denki compressors include two series of C-SB scroll compressors (3.5 ~ 6HP) and C-SC scroll compressors (8 ~ 12HP). To achieve greater reliability, the Sanyo Denki compressor uses a special refrigerant oil with excellent high- and low-temperature characteristics, which contains defoamers, thermal stability, and excellent load resistance.

At the same time, the compressor uses quality electronic control components to ensure the safety of the equipment and the user. They include an internal temperature controller, electromagnetic switch, reverse phase protector, exhaust temperature protector, and low-pressure switch.

a reverse phase protection relay

Figure 3: A reverse phase protector.

When the Sanyo Denki compressor is applied to the unit, because the new compressor is filled with nitrogen, and you should remove the rubber plug first to release the nitrogen. This compressor cannot be used if you cannot hear the exhaust sound or feel the air pressure when pulling the rubber plug.

In addition, because the compressor is filled with refrigerant oil, so when pulling the rubber plug, you should place the compressor vertically. You should remove rubber pads, springs, and other accessories from the faulty compressor and install them on the new compressor.

You should install the new compressor on the base of the unit. The refrigerant circuit is usually connected by welding or flared wire. If there is a fault during the installation process, please return to the original factory.

When the compressor is replaced from the system, you should seal the suction pipe and exhaust pipe with plastic tape to prevent the refrigerant oil in the compressor from flowing out during the handling and transportation.

You should also fill in the compressor model, production number, corresponding air conditioner model and production number, fault time, fault condition, and fault cause on the return card, and send the return card with the shrink machine to the factory. Please be as detailed as possible in order to facilitate fault analysis and problem-solving.

Due to high quality and excellent after-sales service, the market share and recognition rate of the Sanyo Denki compressor have been increasing year by year, so that there will be public praise for the quality of its compressor.

Panasonic Compressor

Panasonic compressors are moderately priced. Panasonic compressors have been widely trusted and praised for their high efficiency, energy-saving feature, and low noise. This compressor is suitable for various natural conditions and market needs.

This type of compressor on the power supply voltage requirement is 220V, and its cooling capacity is 2745KW. Inside the Panasonic compressor, its motor is an induction motor. Compared with other compressors, Panasonic compressors have higher refrigeration capacity with satisfying price, more loved by consumers.

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