Choose four major indicators of frequency conversion air compressor

The frequency conversion technology was not originally born in the air compressor field, but with the development of the economy, all walks of life will inevitably develop in the direction of energy saving, environmental protection and low carbon. Therefore, frequency conversion air compressors are produced, which reduces energy consumption. , Can also improve the quality of gas supply technically. How to choose a variable frequency air compressor, there are four major indicators you can refer to.

   1. Steady

   A frequency conversion air compressor with unstable gas production can indeed cause a lot of difficulties in production. Therefore, the first criterion of the time we purchase the air compressor is the stability of the air compressor.

   2. Gas production

  Enterprises have very high requirements for gas quality, and the gas they need is basically oil-free.

   3. Power consumption

   Nowadays, any electricity-consuming product has promoted the key word of energy saving. Energy shortage is a big problem in our country today. Therefore, the problem of electricity consumption is quite tense.

   4. Cost

   Now in the domestic air compressor market, the domestic ones are cheap, but the imported ones are expensive. In the eyes of ordinary users, domestic products are low-end products, and overseas products are high-end products. Cost is really not a very stressful factor many times.