Classification of air filters

Air filter has three methods: inertia, filtration and oil bath.

  ①Inertial type: Since the density of impurities is higher than that of air, when the impurities rotate or make sharp turns with the air, the centrifugal inertial force can separate the impurities from the airflow.

  ②Filter type: guide the air to flow through the metal filter screen or filter paper, etc., blocking impurities and adhering to the filter element.

③Oil bath type: there is an oil pan at the bottom of the air filter, which uses the sharp rotation of the airflow to impact the oil, separates impurities and sticks in the oil, and the agitated oil droplets flow through the filter element with the airflow and adhere to the filter element . When the air flows through the filter element, it can further adsorb impurities, so as to achieve the purpose of filtration.