The advantages of Copeland compressors are as follows

Copeland compressor has a solid cast iron body, provides a large heat dissipation area to improve the cooling effect of air-conditioning compressors, and uses lightweight aluminum pistons to reduce friction and vibration. The intelligent electronic protection film block can provide comprehensive motor protection.

Super high energy efficiency:

The energy efficiency is 12% higher than that of the piston type air-conditioning compressors currently on the market.

Excellent reliability:

There are few moving parts, and the patented flexible design of the axial and radial air-conditioning compressors provides better resistance to liquid shock and tolerance to impurities.

High volumetric efficiency:

The pressure difference between adjacent crescent-shaped spaces of the scroll air-conditioning compressor is small, the leakage is small, there is no suction and exhaust valve resistance, and there is no re-expansion of the clearance volume.

High adiabatic efficiency:

Under the same cooling capacity, the scroll compressor is about 10% higher than the reciprocating compressor.

Low noise and vibration:

Emerson Copeland air-conditioning compressors and ZB refrigeration units are energy-saving and environmentally friendly, with low noise and light weight. The noise is 8-10 decibels lower than other brands of the same power.