How to provide air source for air compressor

How to provide air source for air compressor

  Is the air compressor better for centralized air supply or more energy-saving for point-by-point air supply; for equipment with small air consumption and low pressure, it may be economical to install a pressure reducing valve to work. But if most of the gas equipment must use 6.5bar gas, it is not economical to work with higher pressure. It should be noted that for every 1 bar increase in working pressure, energy costs will increase by 6-7%, and three-quarters of compressor operating costs are determined by energy costs. Therefore, when the equipment uses high or low air volume, it is more economical to use decentralized compressors to supply air to them.

   1. Advantages of decentralized air supply:

  The compressor can be ideally adapted to the actual working pressure required in the corresponding plant area.

  The gas supply network is small, the internal leakage is small, and the pressure loss is reduced.

   There is no need to install pipes outside, and the chance of being damaged by condensation is reduced to low.

   In case of failure, it can be connected to the external network to ensure gas supply.

   2. The advantages of centralized gas supply:

  Because it can adopt centralized filtering suction air, centralized computer room ventilation, cooling water treatment, compressed air cooling and drying equipment, the installation cost is low, the area is small, the control of the compressor operation is more convenient, and the noise can be more effectively eliminated.

  Using a larger motor and compressor host, its efficiency is higher, so the energy consumption cost is lower. The same applies to electric accessory devices such as refrigeration dryers, fans, etc.

   Low maintenance costs.

   In order to meet the irregular peaks of gas consumption, fewer reserves are required. in conclusion:

   The centralized compressor room is usually preferred. Decentralized installation has advantages only under special circumstances, such as scattered plant equipment, long distances, or large gas consumption and different required pressures.