What are mineral oil, semi-synthetic oil and fully synthetic oil What is the difference between them

Mineral oil (MineralLubricant)

Mineral oil is a lubricating oil extracted from petroleum. The base oil of mineral oil is the bottom oil left over after the fractional distillation of useful light substances (such as aviation oil, gasoline, etc.) during crude oil refining. Into the product. Essentially, it uses the poorer components of crude oil. Mineral oil is currently the most common type of lubricant on the market. Although the price of mineral oil is low, its service life and lubricating performance are inferior to semi-synthetic oil and synthetic oil, and it also pollutes the environment. In addition, mineral oil cannot completely remove the impurities contained in the refining process, so it has a high pour point and is not suitable for cold zone operations. As the production cost of semi-synthetic oil and synthetic oil decreases, mineral oil will be gradually eliminated market. At present, our company has completely stopped selling mineral oil.

Semi-Synthetic Lubricant

Semi-synthetic oil is a lubricating oil prepared from semi-synthetic base oils, namely: International Class III base oils. It is a product purified by hydrocracking technology on the basis of mineral oil. The purity of semi-synthetic oil is very close to that of fully synthetic oil. Oil, but its cost is slightly higher than mineral oil; it is an ideal transition product from mineral oil to synthetic oil.

Synthetic Lubricant (SyntheticLubricant)

Fully synthetic oil is ethylene and propylene dispersed from gas or natural gas in crude oil, and then refined into a lubricating fluid composed of macromolecules through complex chemical reactions such as polymerization and catalysis. In essence, it uses the better ingredients in crude oil, chemically reacts and achieves the expected molecular form under artificial control. The fully synthetic oil molecules are arranged neatly, and the ability to resist external variables is naturally strong, so the physical fitness is good. , The ability of heat stability, oxidation resistance, and viscosity change is naturally much stronger than mineral oil and semi-synthetic oil.