Copeland compressor installation steps

The compressor is regarded as the heart of the refrigeration system, and the actual responsibility of the compressor is to increase the pressure and bring the suction pressure state to the discharge pressure state. Emerson Copeland compressors are used in a wide range of applications and have a high degree of attention. Below, will introduce the steps and precautions for installing Copeland compressors.

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First of all, let’s take a look at the storage and handling of Copeland compressors at Storage: Packed in cartons, should be stored in a dry and ventilated environment, with air holes in the box and synchronized with the outside; Handling: During the handling, the compressor should be kept vertical .

The compressor installation steps are determined by the structure of Copeland compressor:

1. Install the shock absorber: Each Copeland compressor is equipped with 4 colorful spring shock absorbers. The shock absorber tube should be as close to the compressor as possible and parallel to the crankshaft as much as possible.

2. Pipeline connection: Pipeline installation requires great care and high cleanliness. Dry nitrogen must be passed through the pipe when welding. The minimum speed of the gas in the suction pipe and exhaust pipe should meet the regulations to ensure oil return. A "U"-shaped oil return bend is set at the bottom of the gas riser, and one is added every 5 meters. The parameters of Copeland compressors are particularly strict, and must be installed strictly in accordance with the requirements during the installation process.

3. Install filter drier and humidity indicator: The filter drier installed in the liquid pipeline should have sufficient capacity and be suitable for continuous operation. Its selection should be based on the flow of refrigerant. The sight glass of the humidity indicator should be installed in the liquid pipeline. The easy-to-observe parts to achieve the purpose of checking the refrigerant flow. Use verified filter driers and temperature indicators to avoid Copeland compressor failure and serious consequences.

The above are the installation steps of Copeland compressors. Copeland compressors have a good reputation. On the one hand, they also lie in their strict installation steps and accessories. Therefore, you must operate correctly in accordance with relevant regulations during the installation process.