How to distinguish true and false Copeland compressors

Every year in the refrigeration peak season, there are always some non-original Copeland compressors from OEM or refurbished companies appearing on the market. Due to the current many models of Copeland compressors, the market is relatively chaotic, which will affect purchases. Invaluable loss caused by the creators, so how can Copeland compressors be distinguished from the real ones? Let's take a look.

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1. Identify from the paint surface

Most of the current refurbished machines are sprayed, so it is difficult for non-professionals to distinguish from the paint, but the original Copeland compressor is smooth and black, but the sprayed machine is sprayed because of the technology and the use of raw materials. The surface of the refurbished machine is a bit dark.

2. Identify from the price

The structure of Copeland compressors is relatively complicated. Although it is said to be cost-effective, there is still a certain gap in price compared to other brands of compressors. The price is higher, so don't be greedy for cheap, so as to be worth the money.

3. Identify from the terminal

Terminals are the best way to identify them. No matter how sophisticated their refurbishment technology is, the terminal blocks cannot be changed. The level of the terminal blocks is old or new, as well as the ground screw. They are all in the fully enclosed Copeland VR/ZR scroll compressor series. It is green, this kind of screw is difficult to buy in the market.

4. Identify from the frozen oil

The clarity and taste of the frozen oil can be distinguished, and the original Copeland machine is equipped with nitrogen to maintain pressure. It is not the kind of gas that can be sucked in by pulling a plug. This is also impossible for refurbished machines. This is also Copeland One of the advantages of the compressor.

The above points are the common methods for people in the refrigeration industry to distinguish true and false Copeland compressors. In order to avoid purchasing refurbished machines, it is best to choose a dealer that often cooperates or a regular dealer to buy, so as not to cause financial loss and reputation loss.